by Kirby Criddle

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This record is for Micah and Nevaeh - I will never have the words or music to properly convey my love for you. Thank you for making my life so full of beauty and meaning; you have truly saved me.

And thank you to you, for buying this record + listening to Canadian music + supporting independent artists + shining your beautiful unique light + being kind to each other: knowing that all actions, no matter how small, truly make a difference.


released November 24, 2014

All songs written and performed by Kirby Criddle
Produced by Andy Shauf
Engineered and mixed by Ryan Andersen at Red Door Recording
Mastered by Jonathan Anderson at Basement Vista Audio

Kirby Criddle: vocals, background vocals, guitar, keys
Andy Shauf: background vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, keys, clarinet, cello, percussion
Elias Edlund: background vocals, guitars
Burke Barlow: pedal steel
Claire Anderson: trumpet

All photos by Shannon Healther
Layout and design by Kirby Criddle and Karlie Stewart

A big thank you to Rawlco Radio and SaskMusic for making this creation financially possible.



all rights reserved


Kirby Criddle Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Kirby Criddle would surely steal your heart, if you hadn't already handed it over. This beguiling prairie girl makes music for late nights, for lovers and friends, and for you when you feel alone. You can feel it in your bones; this is music for your whole body. Eli Temple, Jeffrey Popiel and Amanda Proznik add depth and dimension to create a whimsical forest-folk soundscape. ... more

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Track Name: You Are A Cyclone
wind blows down the river, cedar's limbs lie in the road
your lips are pursed in whisper, we dreamed these neon tornadoes

when we wake we are in pieces, morning, she has me by the throat
oh we can't say we're leaving, you tell me just leave it alone

and all the time we fight, all the love we don't give out
and all the time you're right, we don't scream and shout
it's quiet in this house

now we see in colour, this luminescent view
and we don't need to fear each other, but i feel the ghost in you

when i'm up you're always sleeping, while i'm dreaming you're awake
i am biting my tongue as you're leaving, cause i have got too much to say
Track Name: Fort St.
now you've said it, the stories are true
what am i to do, you're proud now, aren't you

i won't forget it, does it make you feel strong
does it make you better, do you feel like you belong

everybody wants to know what's right
we all want somebody to hold us tight
how long til you give up the fight tonight

truth can be a funny thing, it all depends on who's listening
you paid for your pardon so you get to sing but i've been waiting
and now it's my turn

now you've done it, you've gone ahead
collected the rent on my heart, on my head

and i should be livin' where i've been occupied
but somehow this isn't, this body doesn't feel like mine

everybody wants to know what's right
we all want somebody to shine a light
how long til you give up your lies, decide

now we are two people
separated by man, heart's contraband
Track Name: Oh Filthy Water
i built myself a desert, wrote you this letter, i dug my own grave
so shallow, so you'll never come back

i went into hiding, with a picture of you smiling and you never came
i can't swallow, don't ever come back

oh filthy water under the bridge in my city
drown the ocean of tears that falls into you tonight
oh filthy water under the bridge wash over me
now we know there's no fear when we close our eyes

i set myself on fire, torch bridges, burn with desire, you know i won't say
i can't follow, don't ever come back

i put myself to bed with this aching in my chest and bones and my head
so hollow, we'll never go back
Track Name: London Bridge
and sometimes i get so afraid to try what i think i might like
that unjustifiably, arguably, undeniably it's the one thing that i really wouldn't mind
and i feel i'd be better off if you weren't really
who you seem to be in between the sheets and in the spaces of the things you never say to me

london bridge, don't fall

and you're so difficult, the way you're always running hot or cold
maybe we should take it slow, or maybe i should go
cause as lovely as it is to be next to you, oh we both know
when we wake up early in the morning, we're so uncomfortable
Track Name: There's A Light
haunt me in the morning, insight you never left
it’s like I never slept at all
you’re gone and I’m here wanting, lit wires will your breath
still fire for innocence, you call

there’s a light, calm down

could we ever really belong, unconscious tides insist
this hunger’s what we missed before
remember when we were young, slip ire for limbic bliss
still night for lips like this, I’m yours
Track Name: Wolf Willow
you came from a land of snow and ice, of wheat and wonder, prairie skies
barren land, heart attack, hold time
out of the earth, blistering shoots, fumbling branches, singing roots
strong hands, homeland, be mine

and our bodies, harvested for firewood
i guess that we were only born to burn

you grew so fast, stretched so tall, could you retain what it meant to feel small
deliverance, inconsequence, we tried
and finally the winter won, the seasons changed before we could run, oh
silence, stillness knows no sides
Track Name: Twenty Years
my mother was a mountain, my father was the sea
she split him into fountains, he cleft her into valleys
my mother was an icy wind, my father a barren land
he wanted a warmer woman, she needed a better man

so where do you go, in twenty years you’re gone
where do you go when you forgot the sum of your fears is not all you are

my mother was a dry year, my father nearly drowned
in whiskey, rum and beer, trying to quiet his nomadic heart down
cause my mother was a boulder on my father’s desolate plain
and their love only grew colder cause she loved him best in chains

my mother was cumulonimbus, my father was the sky
she thundered him three children with lightning in our eyes
i inherited the heart of my father, and I got my mother’s fright
i’ll always be a wanderer so I’ll never get left behind
Track Name: Every Night
all these questions provided all these feelings gone into
all this darkness, divided by the light i see in you
i don’t wanna bring you down

all this wishing, and all this hope, a little bit of truth
all this living with my eyes closed well isn’t it for you
and there’s no song for the rest in us

all i’ve cherished and all the time i couldn’t set you free
all has perished and my insides inside out and to my knees
but i’m too young to die
awash amidst the waves
every night we’re baptized by the fire and every day it rains